Aging Like Fine Wine

Magnificent at 55

Eleanora, Founder of Magnificent Fifty

Youth is beautiful. But who decided that beauty is limited to youth?

Imagine you were a Martian, on your first visit to Planet Earth and you picked up a copy of a fashion magazine. You’d probably think, “Wow, those human females are hot, but they all must die at about 35. What a shame!”

Indeed, our culture seems to believe that only 20-somethings should be depicted as symbols of what’s beautiful, sexy and desirable. What happens to them as they reach 30, 40, 50 and beyond? Do they magically turn into ogresses?

The truth is it’s up to us to decide whether or not we’re past our prime.

I am 55. I’ve lived a healthy, active life, and I’ve always taken care of my appearance. I have not slowed down, and I do not for a moment see myself as second best. I am convinced that seeing yourself as vital, vibrant, beautiful and sexy makes you stay healthier and live longer.

I am sure there are many everyday women out there who look and feel the way I do. My goal and aspiration is to celebrate mature women like me who refuse to allow their age determine their looks or lifestyle, women who are ready to change the rules of the game, and have fun doing it!

So here’s to aging like fine wine – acquiring a distinct character, depth, flair and finish without losing any beauty!


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